Individual Student

Student Information

Applicant's Name Masuk
Father's Name Mostafizar Rahman
Mother's Name Rabeka Begum
Date of Birth 12-08-1999
Place of Birth Bogura
Gender male
Nationality Bangladeshi
National ID 2212112222
Birth Registration
Passport ID
Religion Hinduism
Marital Status single
Quota Orphan
Present Care Of Mostafizar rahman
Present Village/Town/Road/House/Flat Shicharpara
Present District Bogura
Present P.S./Upazila Sonatola
Present Post Office Velurpara
Present Post Code 5826
Permanent Care Of Mostafizar rahman
Permanent Village/Town/Road/House/Flat Shicharpara
Permanent District Bogura
Permanent P.S./Upazila Sonatola
Permanent Post Office Velurpara
Permanent Post Code 5826
Mobile Number 01747303036
Course Name Computer Office Application
Class Days
Class Schedule
Admission Date 2022-05-26 11:30:15
Course Fee
1st Payment
2nd Payment
3rd Payment
Total Payment 0
Total Due 0